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There's just something about Hope Wellness Center

... that makes you want to stay and visit.  From the knowledgeable, friendly staff to the beautiful office with its clean air and feeling of goodness, you will feel "Welcomed" from the moment you walk in the door.



You may have heard, "A clean colon is a healthy colon."  And it's so true!

 Colonics is an excellent means to reduce the
toxins and residue build up that can happen over time.  There are several health conditions that depress the digestive tract and can can create constipation.  After years of build up and constipation, you  may be reabsorbing toxins through your colon causing you discomfort and keeping your
immune system depressed.


$120 - 1st visit ($75 for colonic, $10 for prescription, $35 membership)

$75 - Subsequent colonics


Ask about package discounts and prescription requirements.


Click here for

Colonic Procedure Request Form




Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation (BEMER)

Free during introductory period
    On the left bar, you should see Steve Hines and under his
    name is click on shop.  Click on complete system.  To
    purchase the intense application cushion, you will need to
    click on miscellaneous products to order the cushion


Videos demonstrate BEMER's ability to enhance microcirculation that makes up 74% of circulatory system. To order:















Ionic Foot Detox

$ 35


Turbo Sonic

$ 35 for 10 sessions or $60 for 20 sessions


Virtuox Pulse Ox Sleep Device

$75 plus shipping for 2 nights sleep evaluation-

due to high demand additional fees could be added if not returned in timely manner. 

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