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Best Practices for Better Health!

At Hope Wellness Center, we have several recommended protocols to help with nutrition supplementation and cleanses.




Betaine Information


Green Juice Recipe

a twin gear auger (screw type) juicer is recommended since it squeezes the fruit or greens instead of grating them.  Grating (spinner baskets) juicers are good but oxidizes the juice and it doesn't last as long. 
You can look into a twin gear auger Green Power Juicer from (approximately $400+) or a single gear auger from Omega (approximately $200+) 325-655-0345 or another good site for juicers, yogurt makers etc. is for Harvest Essentials at


-  Smoothie Recipe



- Gall Bladder / Liver Cleanse


Below are examples of gall stones from successful cleanses:








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