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Overcoming Chronic Illness through Nutrition

Are you battling a Chronic Illness?

As a survivor and conqueror of Lyme disease, Laura Schroeder shares how she overcame chronic illness through the healing power of nutrition. The focus of The Road to Health is to heal your body through something everyone likes – food. This book encourages readers to establish healthy eating lifestyles that result in physical healing. Schroeder presents information regarding the basics of nutrition in a practical, easy-to-understand fashion. She also shared advice for the social, emotional, and spiritual battles people face when fighting disease. Schroeder’s light-hearted, open and honest approach to sharing her story helps people see that they are not alone on their road to health.

The Road to Health features:

  • The Modified Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Steven W. Hines
  • Testimonies of how others overcame illness through food
  • Delicious recipes for main courses, side dishes and desserts
  • Two-week meal plan
  • Helpful products and websites

The Road to Health

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