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A major portion of the immune system is located in the digestive tract. Therefore, a healthy digestive tract can result in a healthy individual. At a digestion seminar in Del Rio, Texas, Steve Hines N.D., N.E., offers his knowledge on the nurturing of a healthy digestive system, from the mouth to the colon. Mr. Hines also addresses the importance of eliminating toxic foods from the diet to relieve the digestive tract, liberating energy to be used by the immune system. The DVD includes a comprehensive, up-to-date resource section, including articles, books, web sites, and laboratories.


DISC Includes :

  • Liver and gallbladder detoxification
  • Colon detoxification
  • Digestive supplement
  • Regulating stomach acids levels
  • Testing for pathogens
  • Up-to-date research articles

Learn How to Treat Yourself – Digestion & Digestive Disorders – Steven Hines

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